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When in your Business journey should you consider redesigning your coaching website?

When in your Business journey should you consider redesigning your coaching website?

You start your business journey by building your online presence. Making yourself known. You started this by

All that is a good approach, to begin with.

The goal is: you need to be on the internet.

After doing this, you got all the pieces of your online business establishment. Now you have some clients. And the ball starts rolling.

But some sales roadblocks struck you.

The next milestone for your business is establishing a sales system. You want

predictable revenue

a repeatable process

and a scalable system.

And you figured out all that. Amazing. You got the ball rolling further. That’s how a typical business journey is.

Q. What do they care about?

According to the business milestone, you could consider redesigning your website.

1. When you land your first clients.

This is a very opportune moment when you have a DIY website. It is the right time to take some professional help because you have a budget.

Your website may be struggling with things like

2. Your business is pivoting.

Your brand has evolved. You have figured out the sales system that works for you. You have found a better segment of users to go after. Hence your current system is very different from your initial idea. And now, your website is struggling with things like

3. You want to take your business to the next level.

You have made an amazing website. You have figured out a sales system. Now, why do you need a redesign?

Now, you have decided to go for a redesign. Hire a web designer according to your budget. To save costs, consider outsourcing to other countries. Currency conversion and purchasing power parity can get you an amazing deal.