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 How much does it cost to make business website?

How much does it cost to make business website?

Here is the breakdown!

Start with a minimum viable approach. Which is, to focus on what's necessary. The goal is to get started, communicate value, and help people to solve problems.

Website Cost = Scope of work + Hosting plan + Domain registration + Integrations + Maintenance

Scope of work

Website development is a very tedious process. Broadly, the work can be classified into pages, content, features, integrations, and visual assets.

You can start building your first website with

Pages and Content

Features and Integrations

Visual Assets


Scope of work = Pages + Content + Assets + Features and Integrations

Assets = Professional photo shoot + Stock images + Custom illustrations + Video

Integrations = Depending on the development platform

If you are hiring a developer, this can cost around $80-$200 USD per page. It's a one-time cost.

Hosting Plan and Domain Registration

There are many platforms for hosting and domain registration. You can choose accordingly.

For hosting you can go for:

and many more...

For domain registration:

and many more...

Domain registration can cost around $10 USD per year.

Hosting your website can cost $12 - $23 USD per month.

Integrations and Maintenance

Integration costs vary from platform to platform.

Maintenance costs vary from developer to developer.


The total costs are around $700 - $2500 USD depending on your requirements.