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 Content that Works: Tips for Creating Effective Content

Content that Works: Tips for Creating Effective Content

Effective content is essential for any marketing strategy in today's digital age.

In this article, we'll explore some key elements of content writing. This will help you to create content that resonates with your target audience.

Goals for Content

Tailor your content to your specific goals to ensure that it is effective.

Decide your content writing platform. The goal of blog and social media platforms can differ. It depends on your overall marketing strategy.

Typically, the goals for blog content include

But, the goals for social media platforms may include

The specific goals may differ. But the overarching goal is to create relevant content, provide value, and support your marketing strategy.


Finding relevant content ideas is key to creating effective content. Highly relevant content resonates with your target audience.

By finding relevant content ideas, you can

Here are some ways for finding relevant content ideas

What is your target audience searching for on Google? For keywords find high volume, low competition words to create content for.

Check what questions people have about your services. What are they concerned with?

See what topics your competitors are covering. How you can differentiate your own content.

Tip: For finding relevant content ideas, use Google Trends, Google Search, and Answer the Public.

Format it Readable and Scannable

Tip: Use the Hemingway app to check and enhance readability.

Add a CTA

Encourage your readers to take a specific action. They can subscribe to your newsletter or contact you for more information.

Make your CTA prominent and easy to understand.


Hopefully, these tips have inspired you to test or tweak your own content creation strategy.

Whether you're a coach, consultant, or business owner, start implementing these tips and watch your content work wonders!